We now have a /60 delegation from IPNG.NL ; it is 3ffe:8114:2000:a70::/60 . Current subdelegations include :
3ffe:8114:2000:a71::/64available for /72 subdelegation thru 6over4 tunnels
3ffe:8114:2000:a71:0100::/72delegated to skaya
3ffe:8114:2000:a7a::/64available for class A mapping
3ffe:8114:2000:a7b::/64available for class B mapping (vt?)
3ffe:8114:2000:a7c::/64allocated for class C mapping
3ffe:8114:2000:a7c:0900:/72delegated to holder of
3ffe:8114:2000:a7c:1600:/72delegated to holder of
3ffe:8114:2000:a7c:XX00:/72delegated to holder of 192.168.XXX.0/24