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I'm Jérôme Petazzoni, also known as Skaya sometimes. My email address is jp at enix dot org. This site shelters all the little snippets of information that I wanted to make public, in the hope that it might help others some day. It's mainly about computer science, especially Linux-related things ; but what did you expect of a bearded-geek like me ?

Until I setup a real home page, here's a little list of things available here :

Some stuff about computers and computer science :


This site runs Wikini, a fork of Wakka ; the headers and footers are in french, but I will probably translate them back to english before 2010, don't worry. Feel free to add comments, and if you have any interesting information related to any page, I will be grateful if you could simply edit the page (double-clicking on it or on the "Éditer cette page" link below) to add it. Slight warning for those people who don't speak french at all : Aperçu means Preview, so to really save a page, you have to click on Aperçu (the big red bar will warn you that's just a preview, and wasn't saved yet) then on Sauver (which incidentally means Save). Thank you !

For my family and friends (or if you want to make me a gift!) : my WishList
Pour la famille et les amis (ou bien si vous avez envie de m'offrir quelquechose) : ma WishList

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